Small Business Mastermind Club

The content are all gold, cutting edge, wisdom on online business that make sense. Sharon as trainer is just A TOTAL GURU in business from the future. I personally love Claire Cope and Owen Cope. They both just totally a servant heart serving the room. Model Claire cope’s programme is really made me; sold it for $55,000 in less than a day! Love It!!!

Ernezto Messakh, NSW

It's hard to believe how much we have covered and learnt in 5 days, and the focuses to take the key learning's and apply it straight to my business. The wow factor is extreme - so much value and so much transparency. Anything we ask gets answered and then more is given - and even more. This has been a transformational experience for my business and for me. Thank you.

Philippa Taylor, VIC

The past 5 days has allowed me to see my self transformed from a mini me, nervous, overwhelmed new bee to a more focused, clear and on purpose entrepreneur. I’ve learned to shoot my mini me with pleasure. I’ve learned the power of purpose and mission and walking away with this taller person who has a loud calling to make a difference. Can’t wait to share with everyone my results. Thanks Sharon, Clair, Owen and the team.

Lots of love.

Jemma Webb, VIC

Shaz has again exceeded in expectations. Lots of gold nuggets of info. That will propel my business even more. I would recommend anyone who has a business to join this program.

Liezel Carreon, QLD