Platinum Plus Mastermind Club

Are you looking for support as you build your small business – from a team with proven results generating leads, converting clients and developing the systems to grow in a sustainable and profitable way?

The Platinum Plus Mastermind Club from The Coaching Institute is designed for entrepreneurial and small business clients who are committed to building their business rapidly and sustainably.

Whether you want to build systems, develop your leadership skills, generate more leads, convert leads into clients or increase your average dollar sale, we can help.

Here's how: Accountable, scalable and profitable marketing and business solutions focusing on the methodologies of direct marketing.

Platinum Plus Mastermind Results Guarantee: If you qualify and are accepted as a Platinum client, we guarantee that we will show you how to make more money than we cost you, or we will pay you the difference.

The Platinum Plus Mastermind Club is a complete set of blueprints for successful small business development that combines leadership and systems with exponential marketing strategies to produce sustainable, multiple breakthroughs in your business development and success.

Many business development efforts lose much of their effectiveness because they are executed as part of a series of isolated, disjointed tactics that are rushed and incomplete.

As a Platinum Plus Mastermind client, you benefit from one integrated strategy supported by multiple tactical pillars, which include:

  • Leadership and team development
  • Dominating your niche
  • Online marketing
  • Offline marketing
  • Converting clients
  • Systemising for replicability

We provide a complete homestudy program along with mentoring sessionsn that support you as you implement the results-based tactics immediately into your business.

Services are delivered on an ongoing basis over 12 months, with a new strategy delivered each month through DVD’s, CD’s classes and mentoring.

For less than the cost of hiring a business coach, you can gain access to proven marketing and business success methodology that has already produced outstanding double and triple digit revenue growth for our clients.

What results can I expect as a Platinum Plus Mastermind member with The Coaching Institute?

The Platinum Plus Mastermind Club is tailored to entrepreneurial small business owners who want to grow and enhance 6 and 7-figure revenue streams.

You demand and expect a sophisticated solution backed by a strong track record of results precisely because well-executed marketing campaigns have the potential to drive significant bottom-line returns for your business.

We are so certain of the results our clients produce that if you qualify and are accepted as a client, we guarantee that you will make more money than we cost you, or we will pay you the difference.

In other words, the worst-case scenario is that you recoup every cent you invest. While on the upside, you stand to generate many times your investment (just like our previous and current clients) and reach your outcomes faster, easier and cheaper than you otherwise would.

So how do you get started?

The next step is for us both to explore whether or not we are a good match. You can do this by contacting us to arrange a time to set up an exploratory phone consultation.

After discussing your goals and situation on the phone, if we both believe there is scope to work together, we start by conducting a comprehensive Business Success Planning Assessment of your business.

The major deliverable is a written report of specific, actionable recommendations to grow your business rapidly.

Your investment in the Platinum Plus Mastermind Club is fully refundable if you don’t earn your entire investment back in the program within the 12 months as a result of using the systems we show you.

Contact us now to get started.

Any Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions are answered on this FAQ page. If you have a question that isn’t covered, please contact us online and we’ll come back to you quickly with a response.