Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Coaching Institute’s Small Business Academy Program & Platinum Plus Mastermind Club?

The Small business Academy and Platinum Plus Mastermind Club are both a yearly membership programs that delivers specific strategies for business and marketing success for small to medium businesses.

It includes modules on:

  • The millionaire mindset
  • Leadership skills
  • Niching your business
  • Online marketing
  • Offline marketing
  • Sales success
  • Product development

It was developed by the founder of The Coaching Institute, Sharon Pearson. The Coaching Institute won the 2007 Telstra Business Awards, and Sharon has been a finalist in the Telstra Business Women Awards.

Sharon is an entrepreneur, writer, speaker and trainer who built her business from $12,000 seed capital to a multi million dollar business in less than 3 years.

What is the difference between the Platinum Plus Mastermind Club and the Small Business Academy Program?

The Small Business Academy Program: is an online program with "Your Business success Masterclass Day's run every quarter. The online program includes Power Hour Classes, Q&A sessions, opportunity for your materials to be critiqued by the Small Business Academy team, access to the member’s site and ongoing support.

The Platinum Plus Mastermind Program: includes everything above, plus a whole lot more -

It also includes a 5 Day ‘Closed Door Session’ with Sharon Pearson and guest speakers, a 3-Day 'Selling From The Stage" Event plus a whole lot more bonuses for you to propel your business forward!

There are less than 20 places left. After the places are full, this program will close its doors so that we can give the best that we can to our community of members.


Who are your clients?

The clients in the Small business Academy Program and the Platinum Plus Mastermind Club include coaches, trainers, leadership experts, information marketers, online business owners, consultants, authors and sales experts wanting to increase their leverage.

Who would benefit the most from these programs?

‘New’ businesses do best. New businesses are information products and services, coaches, consultants and sales people who sell ‘new’ services.

‘Old’ businesses like manufacturing and importing of physical goods do not benefit as much, as their businesses are reliant on more traditional and labour intensive methodologies for gaining a client list and selling to that list.

How do I become a member? What is the selection process?

To become a member of the Club:

Small Business Academy Program: Requirement only that your business is not ‘old’ style.

Platinum Plus Mastermind Club: There is an interview to be selected that is looking to ensure you are willing to make changes in your marketing mix to make the program work for you.


Who would not do this program?

You would not join this program if your business is an ‘old’ style manufacturing business or does not lend itself to online marketing methods.

What are the results I can expect from participation in these programs?

The programs focus exclusively on the tools to boost profits and effectiveness in the business. Expect to see results within 120 days, given the strategies are implemented.

How long does the program take to complete?

The program is ongoing, with a minimum of a 12 months commitment.

Is the program accredited?

The program is not currently accredited. As with our other programs, we are seeking accreditation during 2011.

Is there a money back guarantee?

There is a Success Money Back Guarantee for the Platinum Plus Mastermind Club, which is: in the event of using the systems you don’t earn back at least your entire investment within 12 months you will be refunded your entire investment and be able to keep all the materials.

The Small Business Academy Program does not come with a success guarantee.