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The Small Business Mastermind Program is for business owners who want a systematic approach to their marketing and business success, including online and offline marketing, product development and client delivery.

Since its inception in 2009, over 152 business owners have joined the program, and achieved extraordinary success.

Our objectives are to deliver to our members the solutions they need to build their businesses, thus avoiding the need to go to multiple sources to get the answers to the hundreds of questions a new business owner needs.

Being a small business owner is not always the path to ‘easy street’ – there is so much to learn, to understand and to implement.

And how do you find the answers to everything you need to know so you can get the cash flow happening? When I was starting out I was frustrated by not being able to find the answers I needed in one place. I wanted real solutions to my problems, not theories or vague concepts.

I started this Club to solve this problem for you, because I know how frustrating it can be –

The Small Business Mastermind Club Helps You To:

  1. Increase your lead generation through off & online marketing
  2. Build and/or use a website to drive leads to your business
  3. Use offline marketing strategies like coupons, direct mail, tear sheets and postcards to drive traffic and increase conversions
  4. Master email marketing to convert sales
  5. Use SEO & PPC marketing
  6. Increase the lifetime value of your clients
  7. Build a system for ‘upselling’ to clients to increase the average dollar sales
  8. Integrate social media into your marketing strategies
  9. Increase your profits through the development of a sales & conversion ‘funnel’

Contrary to popular myth, there ARE shortcuts to success – you need to be strong in marketing to drive business to your doors. You need to be great at sales to convert the leads that you create. You need the ability to ‘upsell’ to you clients so you can maximise the return on your investment.

The Mastermind Club is here to show you exactly how to do this. It’s not based on theories or guesswork, but on what has worked in my business and the businesses of 100’s of Mastermind members.

Small Business Marketing

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From The Desk Of Sharon Pearson

Dear Friend,

There are two types of people who go into business for themselves…

  1. Those who already know, or manage to discover, the secrets to success and to having a business that works for them, rather than the other way round;
  2. Everyone else.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people fall into that second category… and they end up struggling in the areas of planning and small business marketing.

The statistics are frightening.

Most small businesses fail within 5 years.

What's worse – even if they survive, a staggering number of business owners are barely scraping together a living.

What started out as a bright dream of a life of freedom and abundance...

…turns into a nightmare of struggle and frustration.

But it doesn’t have to be that way for YOU.

You can be in that fortunate first group of people, living life on your own terms and having a successful business that provides you with the money and the freedom to make your dreams come true.

Allow me to explain…

Why I Can Help You Have Your Own Successful New Economy Business And Excel In Areas Of Planning And Small Business Marketing

My name is Sharon Pearson and I'm committed to helping people to make their dreams come true with their own business.

I’m the founder and CEO of The Coaching Institute. That’s a business that went from just an idea to being the leading provider of training for coaches in Australia in less than 3 years. It’s a multi-million dollar business.

The Coaching Institute won the Telstra Micro Business Award and I’m a Telstra Women’s Business Award finalist.

I mention all this not to brag, but to show you that I know what I’m talking about when it comes to building a real business.

Today, I really am living my dream and enjoying great success.

But it wasn’t always like this.

In fact for quite a while I struggled like many people do in business…

In my early twenties I set out to achieve my goals of a life of freedom and independence…

...armed with a lot of enthusiasm and bright ideas, but unfortunately not a lot of real world business savvy.

The result to start with was miserable failure and bitter disappointment…

Fortunately, I’m not the kind of person who gives up easily.

So I set out to find out exactly how to start and build a business…

…from experts who had a proven track record out in the real world.

I attended dozens of seminars and joined several high end coaching programs.

I spent tens of thousands of dollars and months of my life get the benefit of the best business education available.

But you know something?

Even that wasn’t enough, because a lot of what I needed to know wasn’t being taught by anyone. I had to find out for myself through trial and error.

But I finally worked out my own simple…

Step By Step System For True Business Success Today

Part of the problem was that we really are in a New Economy.

The internet has opened up vast new opportunities to build a business faster and more easily than ever before.

And because it’s so new, it’s taken a while to discover the techniques and tactics that really work consistently.

There are many traps for the beginner and blind alleys that lead nowhere (believe me, I’ve made probably made every mistake there is!)

It took me some time and effort, but once I figured things out, my business success really took off and I’ve never looked back.

And now…

Friends and clients noticed my amazing success and pleaded with me to share my secrets with them.

And I was happy to help them.

The more people who are successful, the better off we all are.

It occurred to me that others might be interested as well and that’s why I am extending this invitation to you.

You see there are some critical things you have to know to be able to make money quickly and easily with your own business. And there are two ways to get that knowledge…

  1. Spend years of painful and costly learning by trial and error. This is what I did and even with this slow and painful method I still succeeded. OR
  2. Accept my special invitation and discover my hard-won secrets easily, in just a couple of hours and in the comfort of your own home.

It’s your choice. Do it your own way…the hard way…or…get my special business briefing and discover the simple methods that I’m using today to make enormous amounts of money with a new economy business.

You see, I’ve taken the fundamental principles – the ones that work consistently – and worked out how anyone, whatever their previous experience or education, can use to start and build a highly successful business.

I’ve cut out all the pie-in-the-sky stuff, the fads that don’t really deliver, and put together a program that I know works.

I know because I’ve done it AND I’ve taught hundreds of others how to do it themselves.

A Step-By-Step Plan You Can Follow To Success

Look, if you sincerely want to be successful in business – and enjoy a life of freedom and wealth – I can show you how.

The truth is that building a profitable business – a multi-million dollar business – is not easy without someone who is “In-The-Know” and who can guide you to success.

And that’s why I’m here to help.

If you don’t already have your own business, I’ll show you the right way to choose one and get started.

Then I’ll show you how to build the business, run it and set everything up so that you really do work less and make more.

This Is Not For Everyone

Excuse me if I’m a little blunt here.

Owning your own business can be the ideal way to achieve financial independence and make your dreams come true.

But it's not for everyone.

If you're…

  • Looking for a "Get-rich-quick" scheme; or
  • Not prepared to listen and act on expert advice and follow proven principles; or
  • Want other people to do all the work for you

…then being in business for yourself is probably not for you.

And I will not be able to help you.

But if you're open to new ideas, motivated, committed to being successful and prepared to put in the time and effort now to build your own business….

…so you can reap the benefits for the rest of your life…

…then what I have to offer you could be the perfect stepping stone to the success you desire for yourself.


Here’s What You Need To Do Right Now

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..and you’ll get access to my Audio Case Study straight away.

You’ll definitely want to take plenty of notes!

Remember, the sooner you get your hands on these small business resources…

…the sooner you’ll be on the way to making your dreams a reality.


Sharon Pearson


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Who Else Wants Marketing Strategies
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